Back Issue Refills

We have added a lot of new back issues to our back issue bins the last few weeks! Some titles include Spawn (1-100+), Amazing Spider-man (150 and up), Punisher (Garth Ennis runs), a Cable/Deadpool run and Deadpool (1997 series).


Stop on by and start digging!

Batman Day 2019


Celebrate the day of the Bat this year at Jay’s Comics, featuring special guests Flashpoint Batman, the Arkham Batman and the BvS Batman!!

We will have FREE comics as well as a 20% discount on all Batman Family products including Toys, Apparel, Comics, and Collected Editions!! As an added bonus take 20% off on all comic supplies as well!!

Jay’s Comics Subscribers will receive an additional 10% off of their total purchase. That’s 30% off all of that great merchandise!!


So set the date on your calendars for Batman Day, September 21st and we will see you here!!